Olympic Sucsess

In this story they talk about how they spend 12 million dollars for each medal. I personally think that they spend way to much to go to the Olympics. They talk to some primary school students and ask them if it’s worth spending that much on the Olympics and most of them said they should use the money on something like donating it to poor people. Some of the people were disappointed that Australia didn’t do to well this year because they were at around sixth on the medal tally but now their around eighth.

            Writting club

this story was talking about a school who had a writting club. Basically after school they stay back two hours and they write and share stories each day. Each year they go on a writting club camp. They go with a theme, once they had Harry Potter and dressed up. Then they made stories about Harry Potter and shared .it with everyone.


this story had a 14 year old boy who rode a bike in competition but it’s not like normal cycling, he rides on grass, dirt, going over obstacles and competing to win. He has diabetes so he can’t have any gluten and he has juvenile atheritis so his jointed like his knees, wristes and ankles swell up and become stiff so he struggles to move them. I find this amazing that he has this and he competes in national championships.

Pet sales

this story talkers about how dogs and cats have been bred way to much  and have been mistreated. Some people have spent up to $5.000 on pets. Australia could be the first to ban selling pets at the pet store unless they have been saved.


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